Wooden toys made by people in vulnerability from National Park materials to teach children about the importance of biodiversity.

wooden toys

Wooden toys.

Silhouettes, colors and textures that connect to the two greatest inspirations of three female entrepreneurs (and mothers): Lake Balaton, the largest lake of Hungary, and the hills around Budapest.

Nóra, Emese and Anna know and love their fauna and flora, the houses and the Children’s Railway as these evoke their childhood memories and retell them now to their own children.

They create wooden companions that teach children about the world around them, helping them endear the surrounding animals and plants, buildings and vehicles

Already at young age they learn how to be responsible for their environment.

Created in collaboration with disabled or socially underprivileged people, the raw material is sourced from the Danube-Ipoly National Park.

If you want to know more about the inspiration of these three Hungarian artists, keep on reading this interview.

wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys

Wooden toys that teach children about the world around them.

What’s your project about?

The hills around Budapest.

And Lake Balaton, the largest lake of our country.

We know and love the fauna and flora of these two places.

We make toys about the enormous trees with birds in the shady forest the houses and the Children’s Railway.

We make wooden toys about the scent of the summer, about the ferries in Lake Balaton, about the sun, the heat, the smell of the water.

We make toys about what means story in itself to us, as these recall our childhood memories and we retell them now to our own children.


wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys wooden-toys-en31

Who’s behind the project?

We are three Hungarian girls.

Designers: Anna NĂłra Nagy & Emese BerĂĄn

Children rhymes: NĂłra Garbai

Anna uses her toys to recall the stories of our childhood interweaved with memories connected to many of these locations.

Emese created her fabric accessories.

And Nora her short rhymes to reminiscent.

wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys

How and when did the idea come from?

We started to produce our toys at the end of 2014.

Anna and Emese are not only designers, they are mothers too.

So to make toys for children, it’s their usually work every day.

wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys

What makes your project different?

We have asked the associations who have the most in-depth knowledge in the specific areas (Balaton Uplands National Park, Hungarian Ornithology Association, Pilis Forest Ltd., SzĂ©chenyi-Hill Children’s Railway) to be our professional supporters.

We have created our toys by working with them in a strong cooperation benefiting from their professional background.

Our wooden toys help them endear the surrounding animals and plants, buildings and vehicles.

Already at young age they learn how to be responsible for their environment.


wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys

And the impact of your project?

Most of our wooden toys are created by disabled or socially underprivileged people.

We believe that everyone is good at something, people only need the opportunity to unfold their real talent.

To produce our toys we choose types of wood that would decorate parks and alleys, but when they got old and collapsed they would undeservingly become wood for the fire.

Except these few ones that landed at us, because these ones got back to the circle of childhood again.

We thrive to obtain all our material from Hungary and that all our manufacturers are from this country. With this we mutually support each other and other small businesses similar to us.

All the wooden material used for the toys is sourced from the Danube-Ipoly National Park as we believe that no one takes better care of forests than national parks, that takes their ecosystem as priority, from the smallest to the largest creatures.

We aim to use only nationally sourced material and choose workshops that are as close to each other as possible so that we can protect our environment by reducing necessary deliveries required for production.

wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys



What ‘s your inspiration to create your wooden toys?

To get kind phone calls, e-mails every day, to meet special people, who love our toys, to see children playing with our toys.

Fortunately we feel in every moments, that Eperfa can give lot of smile to everybody and we get it too from our buyers.

The main difficulties that you face every day are

Certainly the time. We always have lots of ideas, but we have only 24 hours a day.

And that funny situation that happened to you?

We got a honorific invite to a charity auction

We had to create something which was connect to red glasses, so our animals got one.

They were very funny, maybe the glasses aren’t the best wear for them.

wooden toys wooden toyswooden toyswooden-toys-en75wooden toys



What’s your audience?

We got a lot of kind e-mails not from Hungary, from a lot of abroad country too.

We got orders for example from Australia, from USA, from Canada, our toys tell a lot of stories to foreign children and their families.

Do you remember the opinion of that customer that gave you so much strength to go on?

A pregnant girl ordered from us a sleeping bag, because her husband would like our one only.

We sent it to them.

And we got a picture with the baby bad and in the bad our sleeping bag lied.

It’s the kindest feedback in Eperfa’s life.

What are your future plans?

We try to design more and more wooden toys for children in the whole world, which make them smile and help to learn them to protect our environment.

wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys wooden toys

You can buy wooden toys from Eperfa, as well as other sustainable, slow, or organic products on FairChanges.

buy online

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Eco friendly promotional gifts by Labyrinth BCN


Eco friendly promotional gifts by Labyrinth BCN with unexpected design: Labyrinth BCN.

Custom gifts are some some of the most original proposals for any occasion. In addition, if they’re made in recycled wood and incorporate an innovative design, for sure they will surprise more than one this holidays.

From FairChanges we already talked about our experience at Web Summit, the most important technology event at European level, for which we were selected. The mini pallete coasters made from recycled wood we chose as our sustainable merchandising did not leave indifferent to anynone. Today we talk with the creators of Labyrinth-BCN:

What’s your project about?

Design Studio Labyrinth started four years ago inspired by the idea of giving a twist to everyday items. Our goal was to create useful objects with fun, attractive outlook. Ironic gadgets that make you smile.

We strive to give a complete new look to those items you use everyday but never paid attention to.

We “kidnap” icons from completely different contexts, such as the industrial world, or the urban context, and turn them into a harmless and cute home items.

That is how we figure out products like the mini-pallet coasters, ashtrays with the shape of a street drain (made with concrete and iron, just like the ones you find on the street), or mini shipping containers for the desktop.
We want to create products with an utterly unexpected look, products that are visually attractive for the users. That is what we want to be the trademark of Labyrinth-BCN.


Who’s behind this sustainable merchandise project?

When Doron founded Labyrinth-BCN he understood it as an open collaborative project where people from diverse disciplines, such as the industrial, graphic, product design and /or communication fields would interact.

Labyrinth-BCN team has changed during these few years, with Doron at its head. At this moment there are two of us at the core: Guillermo and Doron, plus some collaborators who join us to carry out specific projects: sometimes to develop new products, sometimes for web design or other graphic projects.

How and when did the idea of marking eco friendly promotional gifts come from?

Doron, who is the founder of Labyrinth-BCN, started the project in 2010 together with a group of designers. After having worked at different studios, he thought that it was the moment to try to do something on his own.

The context was not the best. 2010 in Spain in 2010 was not the best moment, so the only option was to be honest with ourselves, and try to figure out the sort products that we would really love to receive as a gift.

After four years we can say we have been very lucky to have the possibility of working online and to sell our products worldwide.

With a simple idea and the inescapable premise of having fun while working, and enjoying all the process of product design, we think we have succeeded on creating a line of gadgets and gifts with love and with the intention of making your life better with practical and beautiful things. We’d would like to think so.



What makes your project different?

The idea of breaking with the dull aesthetics of most everyday items we have at home, to take those items out of their contexts in order to create that surprise effect, and hopefully to make you smile when you look at them. We think that is what makes Labyrinth-BCN unique.

What‘s the inspiration behind your eco friendly promotional gifts?

Mainly the street and our personal aesthetic preferences, which are definitely oriented towards industrial environments. We are deeply attracted by the beauty of the symbols of that context and we feel genuinely motivated to take them out of their surroundings and to place them on your desk, your kitchen or your dinning room table.

But above all, we feel greatly motivated by the comments and opinions of customers who get in contact to tell us that they bought some of our products and that they love it. Recently a girl from the US wrote us to tell us that the mini shipping containers she bought had made her very popular at work, as everyone at her office loved them, and asked where did they come from. That was really rewarding. It made our day, because that is exactly what we’re looking for.

A quote that makes you keep going on

The one from Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

A book

Doron likes “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. “The Tree of Knowledge” by Pio Baroja impacted Guillermo some time ago.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you since you’ve started?

Surviving four years, taking part in international design fairs, getting to know incredibly creative people, and getting into the international design community and realizing that, after all, it is not such a big one. We have connected with designers from the other end of the world, and we have felt that we share ideas, enthusiasm and fears, which gives us lots of energy.
But above all, people who tells us that they love our products, those are the things that push us to keep going.

What’s the audience of your eco friendly promotional gifts?

We think everybody can be our audience, from people who appreciate products out of the ordinary, to anyone who comes across one of our products in a shop or online, likes it and buys it for a present because he knows that it is going to be a nice and unexpected surprise for the recipient.
On the other hand we have many customers who look for our customized items, specially mini pallets and miniature inbox containers, that are mainly shipping companies, industrial firms who want to have their logo on the pallets or on the boxes for a promotional gift, as well as communication companies that contact us to personalize our products with their clients’ logos to promote them at events or on marketing campaigns. Also hotels and restaurants love our shipping boxes and pallets to place their business cards, or their menus on the tables, or to decorate their rooms.

Your future plans?

We want to go on developing many new products that people love because they make them happy, and we want to do that by using sustainable materials, and production processes with a minimal or no environmental impact at all.

What do you like about FairChanges?

We like mainly their goal to promote ethical trade in order to support groups at risk of exclusion, and to help them to access the labour market. Also the aim to create a marketplace for environmentally friendly products. In our opinion, it makes a great contribution to this sort of creators who face serious difficulties to survive in such a competitive world.





You can buy eco friendly promotional gifts from Design Studio Labyrinth BCN on their FairChanges shop.
 Texts and images: Design Studio Labyrinth BCN
Edition: Cristina Palacios


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Organic products for dogs and cats by Pepito & Co.


Organic products for dogs and cats with a captivating design: Beauty not only on the inside

The first thing about Pepito & Co. that captures our attention are the eyes of their irresistible models.

Secondly, the cool designs of their bow ties for dogs and cats, pullovers for pets, and handmade belts and harnesses.

But if we look inside the soul of this project, we find a conscious philosophy based on organic fabrics and love to vulnerable animals.

And it’s then when we also discovered that Pepe and Conchita, before being models and part of the team of Pepito & Co., were rescued from the animal shelter.

Let’s meet them in this interview! Celia and Ruben tell us more about their project.

What’s your organic products for dogs and cats project about?

Pepito & Co., cool stuff for pets, is a brand of sustainable products for pets that emphasizes product design and the use of certified organic raw fabrics.

Who is behind the project?

Behind the project there is an unconventional family: Ruben, intellectual property attorney, Celia, editor and maker of thousands of other things, Pepe, rescued in 2010 by Nueva Vida, and Conchita, saved from slaughter in the dog shelter of Almonte (Spain) in February 2014 by Valverde Animal.

Right now only Celia, Pepe and Conchita are devoted 100% to Pepito & Co. Ruben combines his work with the project.

We are all equally important, humans in design, management and creation, and dogs inspiring us, testing each product, and being the models for each new collection.

Blondie was another very important part of the project, as it was a very demanding dog who tested the resistance of all our products. She died in January 2014, but it helps us to move forward making us remember her and other big dogs when we create our products.

Where does the idea of organic products for dogs and cats comes from?

The idea emerged in late 2011 after the adoption of Pepe as a companion for Blondie. Pepe was rescued from the street in winter.

Maybe because of that, he has a serious problem with the cold.

Shortly after the adoption, Celia got unemployed and, as Pepe was cold, she began to knit a pullover for him. We didn’t like the quality and designs of the pullovers for dogs that we found.

That winter we had made pullovers for half of the dogs at the park, and in January 2012 we decided to start the project of organic products for dogs and cats expanding the range of products.

We actually did not initially thought of it as a way of living, but gradually we realized there was a whole territory to explore.

What makes your organic products for dogs and cats project different?

Basically the use of certified organic cotton and tencel, the material with which we make the coats for dogs, a fabric that comes from sustainable forests.

On the other hand the fact that we design everything from the prints of each collection to the patterns of the pullovers.

Plus we believe in animal rights, as well as in human rights, and we manufacture all locally respecting the rights of all workers involved in the process.

On the other hand we work every day to find new products that can improve the lives of our four-legged companions.


What does your inspiration come from?

Blondie, Pepe and Conchita are our continuos source of inspiration. In fact, we launch products based on what they are demanding.

That is why we always say that they are not just our dogs. They are are part of our family, team and especially part of our lives.

A phrase that makes you keep going…

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

This phrase from Grouxo Marx shows well our way of seeing things. There is never anything bad that doesn’t involve something good. And that is exactly what keeps us going on: The desire to improve and to do new things everyday with a smile.

A book …

I Hear the Leaves and Love the Light, the photography book of Robert Adams devoted to the adventures of his dog Sally in the garden.

What is the best thing that has happened to you since you’ve started?

Actually everything. To be able to devote ourselves to it, and to see that the project is running is one of the best things that ever happened to us.

We are also often very excited with some of our customers, that become unconditional, and with those who thanks to us have met their four-legged companion.

And of course the incorporation of Conchita to the team!

What kind of audience you are going addressed with your organic products for dogs and cats?

To all those who respect animals, who think of their your dog or cat as an inseparable companion, who care about the world around them and are curious about different things.

It seems a rather fixed profile, but we don’t have a closed public profile. We have customers of all ages and conditions.

What are your future plans?

Continue to develop Pepito & Co. and grow. We have many new products in mind that we will be developing gradually while improving the products we already have in inventory. We are happy just to know that people and pets love our project, and that we can keep living on it.

In addition, we would love to move to the countryside, rescue more dogs, and make everyone treat animals and the environment with the respect they deserve. But that unfortunately will take longer.

Could you recommend us some of your favorite products from other sustainable creators and producers on FairChanges?

We are big fans of BabyBites and their shark baby bags. We still do not have kids, but when we have them, we’ll use it for them!

What do you like about FairChanges?

FairChanges’ philosophy is quite similar to Pepito & Co.’s one. We feel very close to it. It is a young project like ours. And there is nothing better than supporting each other when we consider the values we share so important. 


organic_cotton_bowtie_for_dogs_and_cats organic_harness_for_dogs_and_catsorganic_belt_for_dogs_and_catsorganic_products_for_dogs_and_cats


You can buy organic products for dogs and cats by Pepito & Co. on their FairChanges shop.
 Texts and images: Pepito & Co.
Edition: Cristina Palacios


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Organic silk dresses by water puppet


Organic silk dresses and other ethical fashion proposals by Water Puppet

Today one of our favorite sustainable fashion designers, Liza Sansou, answers this interview and reveals the soul of Water Puppet in first person:

What’s the project about?

Water Puppet is above all a fashion brand. It is sustainable and eco-friendly but it also wants to be political with sense of humor. Through clothes, I want to talk about social and political realities that surround us.

Who’s behind this ethical fashion project?

Behind the Project there’s me, Liza Sansou.

I come from a mixed family, a greek mother and a father frome the circus (a country by itself). Mediterranean from the heart and nomad from the facts.

I studied fashion in Madrid and stayed there.

I was joined by  Estefanía Corcoba. A friend and now companion in this adventure. She gets where I don’t manage to go.

Water Puppet is also formed by a network of wonderful professionals. Each one, in its specialty, brings something to the brand.

It is a nice blend of a solo Project with a team adventure.


organic_silk_dresses organic_silk_dresses_studioorganic_silk_t-shirt_water_puppet

 Water Puppet’s showroom

How and when did the idea of creating this slow fashion brand come from?

I studied fashion design and althoygh I always worked designing costumes for theatre, I had always the idea to create a brand. This Desire took form in 2011 after a trip in Southeast Asia.

The name, Water Puppet, comes from a vietnamese unique puppet show, made in the water.

What makes your sustainable fashion project different?

Water Puppet is different because of its social and political idea. I want WP garments to be likeable because of their design but I want them to express something else too. There is a philosophical message behind. They aren’t just clothes but a way of thinking life.

What ‘s your inspiration?

Everything and nothing. I read a lot, I follow the news, I travel, I like art
 There isn’t a clear process. Suddenly there’s something that inspires me and from that I create the Collection. It can start by a concept, a colour, a silhouette, a piece of news

The first part os the Collection is a random process, it is more intuitive than a result of a rational thinking. Once I have the starting idea, I start investigating it in to order to develop the Collection properly.

A quote that makes you keep going

I spent part of my childhood in Italy. My family has a saying that keeps inspiring me : “Coraggio che la vita ù di passaggio”. I won’t translate it since the sentence loses its grace.

A book

My mother owns a bookstore and I’ve always been a great reader. So, more than a book I have books. I love SempĂ© he is an illustrator/author, his books make me laugh and relax. Sense of humor is a very important part of my being.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you since you’ve started?

The best that has happened since I’ve started are the connections that arise. There are lots of initiatives and people that I admire thar I wouldn’t have discovered if not for the brand.

What’s the audience of your organic silk dresses?

My audience is a woman from 30 to 50 years old. An active woman with strong personality. I like the idea that the WP garments are elegante but not taken seriously. I hope that my clients are the same.

What are your future plans?

My plans are to go ahead, step by step. Each Collection is a step further. For the SS15 collecition I was in the Valencia Fashion Week introducing it, andi t has been a great experience. I’m looping forward to see what new challenge FW15/16 brings.



Could you recommend us some products from other creators/producers on FairChanges within your wishlist?

I know the work of Pepito and Co. I love it. Humor and elegante for small pets.

I really like the t-shirts of The Vintees. Comfortable and versatiles clothes. I like the prints simple yet unique. And they manage to keep the prices reasonable.

What do you like about FairChanges?

I love the starting idea of FairChanges. But what I like the most is its constant evolving. It don’t stops to work to improve the platform and its visibility on the net.

I am in contact with Cristina Palacios, she is a wonderful and hard-working woman and I am delighted to work with her and to be part of FairChanges. She gives a professional yet humane treatment.

Thank you Liza! And we’re so proud to have proposals for sustainable fashion so close and with such an important message as Water Puppet.

On Water Puppet’s shop on FairChanges you can find the latest creations at real time and previous collections at a discounted price. A sustainable fashion outlet at your fingertips. Thanks for supporting the work of artists who are committed to producing in more ethical ways.

We’ll be telling you more surprises related to Water Puppet soon.




You can buy organic silk dresses from Water Puppet on their FairChanges shop.
 Texts and images: Water Puppet
Edition: Cristina Palacios


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Best carrot cake recipe ever




The best carrot cake recipe ever. As an organic, healthy and delicious proposal.

We propose you a simple and very special recipe with fairtrade and organic ingredients.

This carrot cake recipe, typically British, is really simple.

And in this case we have included a red fruits topping in contrast with the white cream cheese frosting.

It looks delicious, doesnt’t it?

Are you ready? Let’s start.

Read More

Organic cotton underwear with a vintage touch


Discovering organic cotton underwear. Eco friendly and comfortable, with a vintage touch. Beauty is on the inside.

Some time ago we talked in our blog about the differences between ecological, biological and organic.

And today we have the pleasure of interviewing a brand of reference in the ethical fashion industry, more specifically in the organic cotton underwear industry.

Garbiñe, the creator behind Maripuri Tijeritas, retro inspired sustainable lingerie, shares with us her concerns and inspiration.


What is exactly this project of organic cotton underwear about?

Maripuri Tijeritas (Mary Little Scissors in Spanish) involves design and manufacture of organic cotton underwear. And alternatives to disposable goods.

We try to offer different, enjoyable and committed to the planet eco friendly lingerie.

Who is behind this sustainable brand?

Garbiñe Tolosa designing, preparing and organizing, several women in Donosti tailoring, as well as a small workshop in Barcelona.

How and when did the idea of creating retro inspired organic cotton underwear come about?

In 2008, with the birth of my son Martin, I left the theater and I entered the world of the needle. I wanted to sew sustainable clothing for him, for her smooth skin. I wanted to generate less waste. Especially I wanted to avoid diapers.

I took classes in tailoring, pattern making and branding.

Since then, I’ve been working on learning and marking my style.

organic_cotton_underwear_maripuri_tijeritasorganic_cotton_underwear_for_kids  Maripuri Tijeritas’ organic cotton underwear


What makes your organic lingerie project different?

The material: Natural and sustainable fibers, chosen with care as they are dressed very close to the skin. I select the best suppliers and give priority to the proximity and the highest certifications (GOTS).

The design: I focus on designing comfortable, easy to wear clothing, with a light “retro” touch. And I’m moving towards a sober basis in contrast with colorful details. I try to define my own style. My first sketches, full of color and patterns, evolve towards sobriety. I try to create a natural urban style. Committed apparel for conscious stylish people.

The process: I always look for the perfect finishes, studying with care every garment. Non-marking seams and clothes that last. To do this I surround myself of craftswomen with many years of expertise.

What is your inspiration for your collections of organic cotton underwear?

Nature and smooth lines.

The colors of the earth, water, leaves…

The skin texture. The body curves. We try to define them with studied cuts.

A light vintage touch, retro patterns, photos in black and white…

Natural materials: Linen, cotton, silk… Its warmth, its fall, its folds…

Designers and illustrators feed my mind, stories, movies…

All nourishes me. My son. The music. It’s a matter of keeping our eyes and ears open.

The new collection of children’s underwear in organic cotton is defined by Katie Wilson’s illustrations.

A quote that makes you keep going…

I believe in what I do.

And small acts make big differences.

A book…

Ocean, by Alessandro Baricco.

What is the best thing that has happened to you since you’ve started?

Learning, discovering a job and keep learning and learning again.



Organic cotton lingerie for women

What’s the audience of your organic cotton underwear?

Those who seek a more responsible consumption while keeping stylish and comfortable.

What are your future plans?

Sew less and have more time for design and research. For that I will be gradually delegating tasks and surrounding myself with good professionals.

Could you recommend us some of your favorite products from other creators / producers on FairChanges?

Uff, there are many…

Here are a few: Owl, Lifegist, Cyclus, Ecoquchu

What do you like about FairChanges?

Its style, its line, how easy it is to communicate. The support it always brings. Its commitment.





You can buy organic cotton underwear from Maripuri Tijeritas on their FairChanges shop.
Texts and image edition: Cristina Palacios


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Swisswool duvets or how sheep can help you sleep better


Swisswool duvets and baby sleeping bags. How important is for your family sleeping well?

It seems obvious: Adults need to rest to perform their daily activities. But babies and children are the ones who spend more hours at bed.

It was exactly what Roel, the founder of Zizzz, thought when he decided to investigate about how organic materials, and specially swisswool, can contribute to improve sleep quality naturally.

Meet him in this interview.



What exactly is your project of swisswool duvets and baby sleeping bags about?

At Zizzz we design and produce ecofriendly products in order to improve the family’s sleep quality naturally.

Our first products were little blankets and sleeping bags for babies. But our customers started to ask us for swisswool duvets also for adults and children.

We choose with care the best sustainable materials to ensure the highest quality and comfort.

We use the best organic cotton and swisswool, which is also machine-washable.


zizzz_swisswool_duvets_and_sleeping_bagsswisswool_duvets_to_sleep_betterswisswool_to sleep_better

Roel selects the best Swisswool

Who is behind the project?

Me and my wife, who helps me in their free time.

We are lucky to have the support of Asunçao too, who helps us to control the manufacturing of all the products, from the selection of biological materials to the making processes of the final products.

How and when did the idea of producing organic swisswool duvets and sleeping bags for babies appeared?

It was in 2010.

That year our daughter Carmen was born, and a friend of us gave us a gift consisting of a baby sleeping bag made of polyester.

I had always refused to use polyester in bed linen.

And my daughter, who slept 14 hours a day, was supposed to use it?

“No way!” I though. “I must do something.”

And even with my complete ignorance of the textile world, I started working on the idea of producing top quality products to sleep betterin a natural way.

What makes your swisswool duvets project different?

Zizzz is a project made with love.

We want to help those who want to make the world better. We would like to improve family’s life, their health and their productivity also improving sleep quality naturally thorugh organic materials.

The project itself is a reflection of our own family. We take the best of the different countries we have been travelling or living in:

Swisswool and Swiss design.

German technology.

Iberian textile processes.

We are a European and cosmopolitan family. My wife is Spanish and I am from the Netherlands. We fell in love in Paris and started working together in London. And we now live in Geneva, where our daughters were born.

Where do you find the inspiration to create your swisswool products?

In our three daughters: Carmen, Elena and Isabel.

And in all the parents who ask us about new products for them and their children.


 Zizzz organic sleeping bags

A quote that makes you go on

“It always seems impossible until It’s done”, by Nelson Mandela.

A book…

Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. It is a book written in 1957 that shows the objectivism philosophy through a story that includes ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, politics, economy, estheticism and love.

It is a really enjoyable book, and meant a great change for me. Mainly in the way of focusing the present moment we are living.

It indeed encouraged me to launch my project.

What has been the best thing that has happened to you since you started?

The gratitude of hundreds of parents who buy our swisswool duvets or some of our other products for their children and who also have made the leap and joined the natural and organic dream that Zizzz proposes.

What’s your audience?

We focus on families who want to improve their sleep quality naturally, and who aim to have a healthier life.

And who also value the design and good materials.

What are your future plans?

To increase our sustainable products range for adults. And to start selling our organic swisswool duvets in Asia, Russia and Nordic countries.

Some of your favorite products in FairChanges?

We really love the white and brown furniture made by Pinly AS+MO, because it’s made with recycled materials, and because we usually choose white and wood color furniture.

The XL cloud-shaped cushion made by Paparajote Factory. We do love clouds!

And the cardboard-house-shelf by Cartonlab. We love children toys made with simple materials like wood or cardboard.



Zizzz’s wishlist on FairChanges

What do you like from FairChanges?

We think it’s honesty, coherent, clear and it aims to make small individual differences to change the world together, making it fair and better.

And we also like the feeling with Cristina Palacios, FairChanges founder.






You can buy the organic swisswool duvets and sleeping bags from Zizzz on their FairChanges shop.
 Translation: Blanca López and Cristina Palacios
Images: Zizzz
Image edition: Cristina Palacios


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Best clam chowder recipe ever

best clam chowder recipe ever

How to prepare the best clam chowder recipe ever. No, really. Delicious. Organic. And easy.

Despite original from New England, I was in the West Coast, San Francisco (California) when I tasted it for the first time.

Walking along the Fisherman’s Wharf.





And palms.

Served on sour doughs, typical bread bowls, or not.

What matters is that it was the best clam chowder recipe ever.

Ready to fly through cuisine to the American coast? Let’s go!


best clam chowder recipe ever easy fishermans wharf

Seals on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

Ingredients for the best clam chowder recipe ever

Serves 4 people

2 slices bacon, chopped
1/2 onion, finely diced. Better organic.
1 and 1/2 tablespoons flour
200 ml (11.835us fl oz) canned clams in juice (separate the clams and keep the juice)
240 ml (8.1154us fl oz) clam juice (or clam juice plus homemade seafood stock)
120 ml (4.0577us fl oz) water
2 medium sized potatoes, well washed and cut into 2 cm (1/2- inch) cubes. Better organic as well.
120 ml (4.0577us fl oz) cooking cream (heavy cream)
1 tablespoon fresh parsley, finely chopped. Organic, of course.
(optional sour dough)



How to prepare the best clam chowder recipe ever. Easy directions.

Here we go!

1. Fry the bacon about 5-7 minutes in a large deep frying pan. Reserve it and keep the fat on the pan to cook the onion.

2. Add the onion to the bacon fat and cook about 5 minutes.

3. Mix in a glass the flour with a bit of the clam juice. Add it to the onion and cook 2-3 minutes more, always stirring the mixture.

4. Slowly add the 240ml clam juice (or clam juice with seafood stock) plus the 120ml water.

5. Add the potatoes and cook slowly until they are tender (about 15 minutes).

6. Add the chopped clams, the heavy cream, the parsley, the fried bacon, salt and pepper.

7. Remove from heat as soon as it starts to boil to prevent the clams get very hard.

Serve immediately.

If you can’t get a sour dough, the typical bread bowl for this best clam chowder recipe ever, don’t worry. You can serve it on handmade ceramic bowls.

Enjoy this best clam chowder recipe ever!


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Texts and images: Cristina Palacios
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