Eco friendly promotional gifts by Labyrinth BCN


Eco friendly promotional gifts by Labyrinth BCN with unexpected design: Labyrinth BCN.

Custom gifts are some some of the most original proposals for any occasion. In addition, if they’re made in recycled wood and incorporate an innovative design, for sure they will surprise more than one this holidays.

From FairChanges we already talked about our experience at Web Summit, the most important technology event at European level, for which we were selected. The mini pallete coasters made from recycled wood we chose as our sustainable merchandising did not leave indifferent to anynone. Today we talk with the creators of Labyrinth-BCN:

What’s your project about?

Design Studio Labyrinth started four years ago inspired by the idea of giving a twist to everyday items. Our goal was to create useful objects with fun, attractive outlook. Ironic gadgets that make you smile.

We strive to give a complete new look to those items you use everyday but never paid attention to.

We “kidnap” icons from completely different contexts, such as the industrial world, or the urban context, and turn them into a harmless and cute home items.

That is how we figure out products like the mini-pallet coasters, ashtrays with the shape of a street drain (made with concrete and iron, just like the ones you find on the street), or mini shipping containers for the desktop.
We want to create products with an utterly unexpected look, products that are visually attractive for the users. That is what we want to be the trademark of Labyrinth-BCN.


Who’s behind this sustainable merchandise project?

When Doron founded Labyrinth-BCN he understood it as an open collaborative project where people from diverse disciplines, such as the industrial, graphic, product design and /or communication fields would interact.

Labyrinth-BCN team has changed during these few years, with Doron at its head. At this moment there are two of us at the core: Guillermo and Doron, plus some collaborators who join us to carry out specific projects: sometimes to develop new products, sometimes for web design or other graphic projects.

How and when did the idea of marking eco friendly promotional gifts come from?

Doron, who is the founder of Labyrinth-BCN, started the project in 2010 together with a group of designers. After having worked at different studios, he thought that it was the moment to try to do something on his own.

The context was not the best. 2010 in Spain in 2010 was not the best moment, so the only option was to be honest with ourselves, and try to figure out the sort products that we would really love to receive as a gift.

After four years we can say we have been very lucky to have the possibility of working online and to sell our products worldwide.

With a simple idea and the inescapable premise of having fun while working, and enjoying all the process of product design, we think we have succeeded on creating a line of gadgets and gifts with love and with the intention of making your life better with practical and beautiful things. We’d would like to think so.



What makes your project different?

The idea of breaking with the dull aesthetics of most everyday items we have at home, to take those items out of their contexts in order to create that surprise effect, and hopefully to make you smile when you look at them. We think that is what makes Labyrinth-BCN unique.

What‘s the inspiration behind your eco friendly promotional gifts?

Mainly the street and our personal aesthetic preferences, which are definitely oriented towards industrial environments. We are deeply attracted by the beauty of the symbols of that context and we feel genuinely motivated to take them out of their surroundings and to place them on your desk, your kitchen or your dinning room table.

But above all, we feel greatly motivated by the comments and opinions of customers who get in contact to tell us that they bought some of our products and that they love it. Recently a girl from the US wrote us to tell us that the mini shipping containers she bought had made her very popular at work, as everyone at her office loved them, and asked where did they come from. That was really rewarding. It made our day, because that is exactly what we’re looking for.

A quote that makes you keep going on

The one from Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

A book

Doron likes “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. “The Tree of Knowledge” by Pio Baroja impacted Guillermo some time ago.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you since you’ve started?

Surviving four years, taking part in international design fairs, getting to know incredibly creative people, and getting into the international design community and realizing that, after all, it is not such a big one. We have connected with designers from the other end of the world, and we have felt that we share ideas, enthusiasm and fears, which gives us lots of energy.
But above all, people who tells us that they love our products, those are the things that push us to keep going.

What’s the audience of your eco friendly promotional gifts?

We think everybody can be our audience, from people who appreciate products out of the ordinary, to anyone who comes across one of our products in a shop or online, likes it and buys it for a present because he knows that it is going to be a nice and unexpected surprise for the recipient.
On the other hand we have many customers who look for our customized items, specially mini pallets and miniature inbox containers, that are mainly shipping companies, industrial firms who want to have their logo on the pallets or on the boxes for a promotional gift, as well as communication companies that contact us to personalize our products with their clients’ logos to promote them at events or on marketing campaigns. Also hotels and restaurants love our shipping boxes and pallets to place their business cards, or their menus on the tables, or to decorate their rooms.

Your future plans?

We want to go on developing many new products that people love because they make them happy, and we want to do that by using sustainable materials, and production processes with a minimal or no environmental impact at all.

What do you like about FairChanges?

We like mainly their goal to promote ethical trade in order to support groups at risk of exclusion, and to help them to access the labour market. Also the aim to create a marketplace for environmentally friendly products. In our opinion, it makes a great contribution to this sort of creators who face serious difficulties to survive in such a competitive world.





You can buy eco friendly promotional gifts from Design Studio Labyrinth BCN on their FairChanges shop.
 Texts and images: Design Studio Labyrinth BCN
Edition: Cristina Palacios


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