Organic cotton underwear with a vintage touch


Discovering organic cotton underwear. Eco friendly and comfortable, with a vintage touch. Beauty is on the inside.

Some time ago we talked in our blog about the differences between ecological, biological and organic.

And today we have the pleasure of interviewing a brand of reference in the ethical fashion industry, more specifically in the organic cotton underwear industry.

Garbi√Īe,¬†the creator¬†behind¬†Maripuri Tijeritas, retro inspired sustainable lingerie, shares with us her concerns and inspiration.


What is exactly this project of organic cotton underwear about?

Maripuri Tijeritas (Mary Little Scissors in Spanish) involves design and manufacture of organic cotton underwear. And alternatives to disposable goods.

We try to offer different, enjoyable and committed to the planet eco friendly lingerie.

Who is behind this sustainable brand?

Garbi√Īe Tolosa designing, preparing and organizing, several women in Donosti tailoring, as well as a small workshop in Barcelona.

How and when did the idea of creating retro inspired organic cotton underwear come about?

In 2008, with the birth of my son Martin, I left the theater and I entered the world of the needle. I wanted to sew sustainable clothing for him, for her smooth skin. I wanted to generate less waste. Especially I wanted to avoid diapers.

I took classes in tailoring, pattern making and branding.

Since then, I’ve been working on learning and marking my style.

organic_cotton_underwear_maripuri_tijeritasorganic_cotton_underwear_for_kids¬†¬†Maripuri Tijeritas’ organic cotton underwear


What makes your organic lingerie project different?

The material: Natural and sustainable fibers, chosen with care as they are dressed very close to the skin. I select the best suppliers and give priority to the proximity and the highest certifications (GOTS).

The design: I focus on designing comfortable, easy to wear clothing, with a light “retro” touch. And I’m moving towards a sober basis in contrast with colorful details. I try to define my own style. My first sketches, full of color and patterns, evolve towards sobriety. I try to create a natural urban style. Committed apparel for conscious stylish people.

The process: I always look for the perfect finishes, studying with care every garment. Non-marking seams and clothes that last. To do this I surround myself of craftswomen with many years of expertise.

What is your inspiration for your collections of organic cotton underwear?

Nature and smooth lines.

The colors of the earth, water, leaves…

The skin texture. The body curves. We try to define them with studied cuts.

A light vintage touch, retro patterns, photos in black and white…

Natural materials: Linen, cotton, silk… Its warmth, its fall, its folds…

Designers and illustrators feed my mind, stories, movies…

All nourishes me. My son. The music.¬†It’s a matter of keeping our eyes and ears open.

The new collection of children’s underwear in organic cotton is defined by¬†Katie Wilson’s illustrations.

A quote that makes you keep going…

I believe in what I do.

And small acts make big differences.

A book…

Ocean, by Alessandro Baricco.

What is the best thing that has happened to you since you’ve started?

Learning, discovering a job and keep learning and learning again.



Organic cotton lingerie for women

What’s the audience of your organic cotton underwear?

Those who seek a more responsible consumption while keeping stylish and comfortable.

What are your future plans?

Sew less and have more time for design and research. For that I will be gradually delegating tasks and surrounding myself with good professionals.

Could you recommend us some of your favorite products from other creators / producers on FairChanges?

Uff, there are many…

Here are a few: Owl, Lifegist, Cyclus, Ecoquchu

What do you like about FairChanges?

Its style, its line, how easy it is to communicate. The support it always brings. Its commitment.





You can buy organic cotton underwear from Maripuri Tijeritas on their FairChanges shop.
Texts and image edition: Cristina Palacios


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