Organic products for dogs and cats by Pepito & Co.


Organic products for dogs and cats with a captivating design: Beauty not only on the inside

The first thing about Pepito & Co. that captures our attention are the eyes of their irresistible models.

Secondly, the cool designs of their bow ties for dogs and cats, pullovers for pets, and handmade belts and harnesses.

But if we look inside the soul of this project, we find a conscious philosophy based on organic fabrics and love to vulnerable animals.

And it’s then when we also discovered that Pepe and Conchita, before being models and part of the team of Pepito & Co., were rescued from the animal shelter.

Let’s meet them in this interview! Celia and Ruben tell us more about their project.

What’s your organic products for dogs and cats project about?

Pepito & Co., cool stuff for pets, is a brand of sustainable products for pets that emphasizes product design and the use of certified organic raw fabrics.

Who is behind the project?

Behind the project there is an unconventional family: Ruben, intellectual property attorney, Celia, editor and maker of thousands of other things, Pepe, rescued in 2010 by Nueva Vida, and Conchita, saved from slaughter in the dog shelter of Almonte (Spain) in February 2014 by Valverde Animal.

Right now only Celia, Pepe and Conchita are devoted 100% to Pepito & Co. Ruben combines his work with the project.

We are all equally important, humans in design, management and creation, and dogs inspiring us, testing each product, and being the models for each new collection.

Blondie was another very important part of the project, as it was a very demanding dog who tested the resistance of all our products. She died in January 2014, but it helps us to move forward making us remember her and other big dogs when we create our products.

Where does the idea of organic products for dogs and cats comes from?

The idea emerged in late 2011 after the adoption of Pepe as a companion for Blondie. Pepe was rescued from the street in winter.

Maybe because of that, he has a serious problem with the cold.

Shortly after the adoption, Celia got unemployed and, as Pepe was cold, she began to knit a pullover for him. We didn’t like the quality and designs of the pullovers for dogs that we found.

That winter we had made pullovers for half of the dogs at the park, and in January 2012 we decided to start the project of organic products for dogs and cats expanding the range of products.

We actually did not initially thought of it as a way of living, but gradually we realized there was a whole territory to explore.

What makes your organic products for dogs and cats project different?

Basically the use of certified organic cotton and tencel, the material with which we make the coats for dogs, a fabric that comes from sustainable forests.

On the other hand the fact that we design everything from the prints of each collection to the patterns of the pullovers.

Plus we believe in animal rights, as well as in human rights, and we manufacture all locally respecting the rights of all workers involved in the process.

On the other hand we work every day to find new products that can improve the lives of our four-legged companions.


What does your inspiration come from?

Blondie, Pepe and Conchita are our continuos source of inspiration. In fact, we launch products based on what they are demanding.

That is why we always say that they are not just our dogs. They are are part of our family, team and especially part of our lives.

A phrase that makes you keep going…

“Outside of a¬†dog, a¬†book¬†is¬†man’s best friend.¬†Inside¬†of a¬†dog¬†it’s¬†too dark¬†to¬†read.”

This phrase from Grouxo Marx shows well our way of seeing things. There is never anything bad that doesn’t involve something good. And that is exactly¬†what keeps us going on: The desire to improve and to do new things everyday with a smile.

A book …

I Hear the Leaves and Love the Light, the photography book of Robert Adams devoted to the adventures of his dog Sally in the garden.

What is the best thing that has happened to you since you’ve started?

Actually everything. To be able to devote ourselves to it, and to see that the project is running is one of the best things that ever happened to us.

We are also often very excited with some of our customers, that become unconditional, and with those who thanks to us have met their four-legged companion.

And of course the incorporation of Conchita to the team!

What kind of audience you are going addressed with your organic products for dogs and cats?

To all those who respect animals, who think of their your dog or cat as an inseparable companion, who care about the world around them and are curious about different things.

It seems a rather fixed profile, but we don’t have a closed public profile. We have customers of all ages and conditions.

What are your future plans?

Continue to develop Pepito & Co. and grow. We have many new products in mind that we will be developing gradually while improving the products we already have in inventory. We are happy just to know that people and pets love our project, and that we can keep living on it.

In addition, we would love to move to the countryside, rescue more dogs, and make everyone treat animals and the environment with the respect they deserve. But that unfortunately will take longer.

Could you recommend us some of your favorite products from other sustainable creators and producers on FairChanges?

We are¬†big fans¬†of BabyBites¬†and their¬†shark baby bags.¬†We still do not have¬†kids, but¬†when we have them,¬†we’ll use it for them!

What do you like about FairChanges?

FairChanges’¬†philosophy is quite similar to Pepito & Co.’s¬†one. We feel very close to it. It¬†is a young¬†project like ours. And there is nothing¬†better than supporting each other¬†when we consider the¬†values we share so important.¬†


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You can buy organic products for dogs and cats by Pepito & Co. on their FairChanges shop.
 Texts and images: Pepito & Co.
Edition: Cristina Palacios


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