Organic silk dresses by water puppet


Organic silk dresses and other ethical fashion proposals by Water Puppet

Today one of our favorite sustainable fashion designers, Liza Sansou, answers this interview and reveals the soul of Water Puppet in first person:

What’s the project about?

Water Puppet is above all a fashion brand. It is sustainable and eco-friendly but it also wants to be political with sense of humor. Through clothes, I want to talk about social and political realities that surround us.

Who’s behind this ethical fashion project?

Behind the Project there’s me, Liza Sansou.

I come from a mixed family, a greek mother and a father frome the circus (a country by itself). Mediterranean from the heart and nomad from the facts.

I studied fashion in Madrid and stayed there.

I was joined by  Estefanía Corcoba. A friend and now companion in this adventure. She gets where I don’t manage to go.

Water Puppet is also formed by a network of wonderful professionals. Each one, in its specialty, brings something to the brand.

It is a nice blend of a solo Project with a team adventure.


organic_silk_dresses organic_silk_dresses_studioorganic_silk_t-shirt_water_puppet

 Water Puppet’s showroom

How and when did the idea of creating this slow fashion brand come from?

I studied fashion design and althoygh I always worked designing costumes for theatre, I had always the idea to create a brand. This Desire took form in 2011 after a trip in Southeast Asia.

The name, Water Puppet, comes from a vietnamese unique puppet show, made in the water.

What makes your sustainable fashion project different?

Water Puppet is different because of its social and political idea. I want WP garments to be likeable because of their design but I want them to express something else too. There is a philosophical message behind. They aren’t just clothes but a way of thinking life.

What ‘s your inspiration?

Everything and nothing. I read a lot, I follow the news, I travel, I like art… There isn’t a clear process. Suddenly there’s something that inspires me and from that I create the Collection. It can start by a concept, a colour, a silhouette, a piece of news…

The first part os the Collection is a random process, it is more intuitive than a result of a rational thinking. Once I have the starting idea, I start investigating it in to order to develop the Collection properly.

A quote that makes you keep going…

I spent part of my childhood in Italy. My family has a saying that keeps inspiring me : “Coraggio che la vita è di passaggio”. I won’t translate it since the sentence loses its grace.

A book…

My mother owns a bookstore and I’ve always been a great reader. So, more than a book I have books. I love Sempé he is an illustrator/author, his books make me laugh and relax. Sense of humor is a very important part of my being.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you since you’ve started?

The best that has happened since I’ve started are the connections that arise. There are lots of initiatives and people that I admire thar I wouldn’t have discovered if not for the brand.

What’s the audience of your organic silk dresses?

My audience is a woman from 30 to 50 years old. An active woman with strong personality. I like the idea that the WP garments are elegante but not taken seriously. I hope that my clients are the same.

What are your future plans?

My plans are to go ahead, step by step. Each Collection is a step further. For the SS15 collecition I was in the Valencia Fashion Week introducing it, andi t has been a great experience. I’m looping forward to see what new challenge FW15/16 brings.



Could you recommend us some products from other creators/producers on FairChanges within your wishlist?

I know the work of Pepito and Co. I love it. Humor and elegante for small pets.

I really like the t-shirts of The Vintees. Comfortable and versatiles clothes. I like the prints simple yet unique. And they manage to keep the prices reasonable.

What do you like about FairChanges?

I love the starting idea of FairChanges. But what I like the most is its constant evolving. It don’t stops to work to improve the platform and its visibility on the net.

I am in contact with Cristina Palacios, she is a wonderful and hard-working woman and I am delighted to work with her and to be part of FairChanges. She gives a professional yet humane treatment.

Thank you Liza! And we’re so proud to have proposals for sustainable fashion so close and with such an important message as Water Puppet.

On Water Puppet’s shop on FairChanges you can find the latest creations at real time and previous collections at a discounted price. A sustainable fashion outlet at your fingertips. Thanks for supporting the work of artists who are committed to producing in more ethical ways.

We’ll be telling you more surprises related to Water Puppet soon.




You can buy organic silk dresses from Water Puppet on their FairChanges shop.
 Texts and images: Water Puppet
Edition: Cristina Palacios


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