Organic silk clothing

organic silk clothing

Watercolor prints on organic silk clothing

Delicate and colorful.

Watercolor inspired.

An irresistible way to wear organic silk for conscious fashion lovers.

Today we talk to a sustainable brand based in Barcelona.

Meet Umutka.


What’s your organic silk clothing project about?

We design and make printed silk garments with original designs and prints. They are all small exclusive series pieces.
We develop custom patterns which adapt to several sizes without depending on industrial standards.

Who’s behind Umutka?

From the very begining of the design process to the workshop, we are always collaborating with people around us to make our organic silk clothing.

We bring together artists and clothing craftsmen with a high commitment to the environment. We love recycling and working with traditional materials. We use creativity and innovation to stand out in terms of quality. And we are constantly looking for clients who value our work to grow and widen our circle.

How and when did the idea come from?

The project is the result of a 5 year process (still ongoing) of reflection based on my experience in the textile industry, trying to bring together visual arts and crafts using noble and natural fabrics like silk, while promoting values which are absent in the mass-production fashion industry. We want to raise awareness about responsible consumption and protect the work of local workers.

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Umutka’s organic silk apparel

What makes your organic silk clothing project different?

Our passion for art, color and the sensuousness of silk identifies and differentiates us. Hence our motto: “Feel the silk”.

We dedicate it to conscious people who appreciate the noble organic silk fabrics we use. Everything we make, we make it with great care. The inks used in the printing process are approved by the EU.

We want to bring back the artisan labors included in the slow movement using recycled fabrics, like the one we use for our labels. Or the threads our clothes are sewn with, which come from the former Fabra & Coats factory in Barcelona.

Valuating fabrics like silk, taking maximum advantage of them, we are currently developing a new “Umutka lab” project; this will consist in clothes dyed using natural dyes, tailored in free shapes that adapt to the body.

What inspires you to create your organic silk clothing?

Our inspiration comes from art in general, as well as dance and sculpture.

We believe that every region of the world has its own visual language that we can express and combine in large prints: color, natural shapes and geometry.

What also makes us different is not using the traditional repeating patterns.

A quote that makes you keep going…

For the close team: “Small things make us big”.

For the product: “Your glimmer makes you prettier”.

A book…

The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you since you’ve started?

Having started hand in hand, and with encouragements from the Sustainable Fashion Assotiation of Barcelona and from Slow Fashion From Spain.

What’s your audience?

We are focused on conscious women who appreciate well made clothes. We create our organic silk clothing for those who love natural materials and accept the delicacy of shapes that can be modified to be part of the dressing experience.

We try to create an intimate experience. Between the skin and the art. The feeling of being unique.

Could you recommend us some products from other creators/producers on FairChanges within your wishlist?

We love:
• Baby Bites: An original and allegorical gift of what we think when we see a baby, metaphorically speaking. They are so cute you want to eat them.
• Ecoquchu: An amazing way to learn and consume your own vegetables according to the season.
• Mona&Leo: Skin care with maximum guarantee of ecological quality. It isn’t just a local product. They also offer fair prices.
• PURE Green Apparel: A fashion brand with noble fabrics and ecological locally produced clothing. They also make projects collaborating with people in vulnerability.
• NOPO: Interesting product for photography lovers. Handmade wooden pinhole cameras.
• Isabel homemade fairtrade chocolate: Chocolate lovers need to learn how to buy this product with more responsibility, know where it is coming from, and what its makers’ conditions are.

eco friendly marketplace

Umutka’s wishlist on FairChanges

What do you like about FairChanges?

FairChanges is a shiny platform, like the color of the sun and Umutka feels like a part of this project.
It is not just a showroom, it’s a bet on values. A fair exchange between the product and the producer. Between the crafts and arts. And between the offer and the gift.
We believe in projects like FairChanges because they give us wings to keep looking for this freedom to conceive a fairer world with less moral inequalities and crisis of values.
We invite all of you to follow this wave which, more than one option is a right to choose with one’s head, heart and spirit.

What are your future plans at Umutka?

The evolution of the project demands experimentation. We are currently looking for hand-dyed natural colors.

We have been making a line of plain clothes with vegetable ingredients.

Our series also promise to hint at a new dawn. We want to be a seed of a shift towards sustainability and ethical language of artisan brand. We want to form a team, in which everyone is an important and irreplaceable link. “We do things well. And we seek the expertise”.

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watercolor silk clothing

You can buy organic silk clothing from Umutka on their FairChanges shop.
 Texts and images: Umutka
Edition: Cristina Palacios


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