Swisswool duvets or how sheep can help you sleep better


Swisswool duvets and baby sleeping bags. How important is for your family sleeping well?

It seems obvious: Adults need to rest to perform their daily activities. But babies and children are the ones who spend more hours at bed.

It was exactly what Roel, the founder of Zizzz, thought when he decided to investigate about how organic materials, and specially swisswool, can contribute to improve sleep quality naturally.

Meet him in this interview.



What exactly is your project of swisswool duvets and baby sleeping bags about?

At Zizzz we design and produce ecofriendly products in order to improve the family’s sleep quality naturally.

Our first products were little blankets and sleeping bags for babies. But our customers started to ask us for swisswool duvets also for adults and children.

We choose with care the best sustainable materials to ensure the highest quality and comfort.

We use the best organic cotton and swisswool, which is also machine-washable.


zizzz_swisswool_duvets_and_sleeping_bagsswisswool_duvets_to_sleep_betterswisswool_to sleep_better

Roel selects the best Swisswool

Who is behind the project?

Me and my wife, who helps me in their free time.

We are lucky to have the support of Asunçao too, who helps us to control the manufacturing of all the products, from the selection of biological materials to the making processes of the final products.

How and when did the idea of producing organic swisswool duvets and sleeping bags for babies appeared?

It was in 2010.

That year our daughter Carmen was born, and a friend of us gave us a gift consisting of a baby sleeping bag made of polyester.

I had always refused to use polyester in bed linen.

And my daughter, who slept 14 hours a day, was supposed to use it?

“No way!” I though. “I must do something.”

And even with my complete ignorance of the textile world, I started working on the idea of producing top quality products to sleep betterin a natural way.

What makes your swisswool duvets project different?

Zizzz is a project made with love.

We want to help those who want to make the world better. We would like to improve family’s life, their health and their productivity also improving sleep quality naturally thorugh organic materials.

The project itself is a reflection of our own family. We take the best of the different countries we have been travelling or living in:

Swisswool and Swiss design.

German technology.

Iberian textile processes.

We are a European and cosmopolitan family. My wife is Spanish and I am from the Netherlands. We fell in love in Paris and started working together in London. And we now live in Geneva, where our daughters were born.

Where do you find the inspiration to create your swisswool products?

In our three daughters: Carmen, Elena and Isabel.

And in all the parents who ask us about new products for them and their children.


 Zizzz organic sleeping bags

A quote that makes you go on…

“It always seems impossible until It’s done”, by Nelson Mandela.

A book…

Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. It is a book written in 1957 that shows the objectivism philosophy through a story that includes ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, politics, economy, estheticism and love.

It is a really enjoyable book, and meant a great change for me. Mainly in the way of focusing the present moment we are living.

It indeed encouraged me to launch my project.

What has been the best thing that has happened to you since you started?

The gratitude of hundreds of parents who buy our swisswool duvets or some of our other products for their children and who also have made the leap and joined the natural and organic dream that Zizzz proposes.

What’s your audience?

We focus on families who want to improve their sleep quality naturally, and who aim to have a healthier life.

And who also value the design and good materials.

What are your future plans?

To increase our sustainable products range for adults. And to start selling our organic swisswool duvets in Asia, Russia and Nordic countries.

Some of your favorite products in FairChanges?

We really love the white and brown furniture made by Pinly AS+MO, because it’s made with recycled materials, and because we usually choose white and wood color furniture.

The XL cloud-shaped cushion made by Paparajote Factory. We do love clouds!

And the cardboard-house-shelf by Cartonlab. We love children toys made with simple materials like wood or cardboard.



Zizzz’s wishlist on FairChanges

What do you like from FairChanges?

We think it’s honesty, coherent, clear and it aims to make small individual differences to change the world together, making it fair and better.

And we also like the feeling with Cristina Palacios, FairChanges founder.






You can buy the organic swisswool duvets and sleeping bags from Zizzz on their FairChanges shop.
 Translation: Blanca López and Cristina Palacios
Images: Zizzz
Image edition: Cristina Palacios


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